Meet me at Peek A Book Mumbai 2018

We’re just days away from Peek A Book's 3rd edition in Mumbai! Peek A Book has been creating curated and stand-alone festivals and immersive literary experiences for children from 3 years to 14 years. It is a one-day festival that celebrates the latest books, stories and great literature for children. The festival is built around children stories and books featuring some of the country’s best-selling children’s authors, finest professional book illustrators and designers, performance story-tellers,

Meet me at Bookaroo Pune 2015

We’re just days away from Bookaroo’s 2nd edition in Pune! India’s biggest children’s literature festival returns to this historical city on Jan 31 and Feb 1, 2015. The Pune leg of this popular event has been organized in association with Sakal Media Group and will be held at Pandit Farms. The event will be graced by authors, illustrators, poets, and storytellers from all around the world. And guess what? I’m going to be there. So

The Great Sceadu Giveaway

The Great Sceadu Giveaway is here! Sceadu is a thrilling adventure by Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge which combines elements of psychology, mythology, and fantasy. How to Enter the Great Sceadu Giveaway Login to this Rafflecopter powered giveaway (see below) with Facebook or using your email. Timelines The giveaway runs from Dec 1 - 21, 2014. The Prizes 10 $10 Amazon Gift Cards 15 e-copies of Sceadu (available in EPUB, MOBI, PDF) Please read

Which Fantasy Creature Are You?

“Sceadu is such a worthwhile and invigorating read that it is quite likely to spawn a cult following, who will soon be asking for more stories in the same vein.” - Lois Henderson, BookPleasures Powered by Interact Sceadu All this while, Matilda's shadow had been growing larger and larger. Suddenly, it lunged out of the ground and swallowed her, like a python does its unsuspecting prey. Nine year old Matilda ends up with a century

YA fantasy novel Sceadu releases on Nov 10, 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nov 3, 2014 YA fantasy novel Sceadu releases on Nov 10, 2014 Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge takes you on a journey inside your shadow MUMBAI, India – Sceadu, a young adult fantasy novel by Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge, will be launched globally on Nov 10, 2014. The book has generated considerable attention over the past few months, thanks to an innovative promotional campaign along with some fantastic reviews.

Enter the world within your shadow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Oct 15, 2014 Enter the world within your shadow A heady cocktail of psychology, mythology, and fantasy MUMBAI, India – Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge will debut his young adult fantasy novel Sceadu on Nov 10, 2014. The book, to be released globally on Amazon Kindle, chronicles the journey of four children after they are transported into their shadows by a verse from a century old book. The author describes Sceadu

The inspiration behind Sceadu

Sceadu is the old English term for shadow. So, in one word, the answer would be the shadow, or more accurately, the human shadow. However, it is not the grey shape that inspires me. It is what that shape represents. But first, let's look at how a shadow is formed. In physics, it is formed when an object blocks light. So a shadow cannot take shape without light. At the same time, the very aspect

Monica’s Third Tooth

A shudder had run through Tooth Fairy Land. News had just reached that little Monica had lost her third tooth. And no one wanted to go and fetch it. Well, almost no one. ‘What a bunch of pansies!’ smirked Pippin, the boastful Tooth Fairy. ‘Afraid of a little girl. I’ll go and get it. My sure shot formula never fails.’ ‘But she’s a monster,’ gasped Tipkin, dropping his clove cookie. ‘Gherkin was sent for her

Unveil the secrets of the shadow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Sep 10, 2014 Unveil the secrets of the shadow An exciting photo contest with great giveaways and much more MUMBAI, India – Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge has announced the launch of a photo contest leading up to the release of his much awaited debut young adult fantasy fiction novel, Sceadu. The contest, dubbed The Great Sceadu Photo Contest, shall run from Sep 15, 2014 till Nov 14, 2014 with five

The Great Sceadu Photo Contest

Sceadu was inspired by the human shadow, that grey supposed docile shape that is always by our side. The idea behind this contest is to give centre stage to shadows. All you have to do is click an interesting photo of any shadow, human, other life form, or any other object and submit it via the form below. And if you can send a caption along with it, all the better. But mind you, if its the