Furball’s Midnight Snack

Furball couldn’t believe his eyes. An entire mountain of tuna was staring down at him invitingly. But just as he was about to sink his teeth into the soft pink flesh, Big Louis, the fat ginger-coloured cat from down the road walked out from the other side. “You’re in my territory,” hissed Furball, arching his back. His hair had instantly jumped up at the mere sight of his sworn enemy. Big Louis glared back and


Momentary inner harmony. Shattered by the sensory. Unfortunate first experience. Relegated to the depths of the unconscious. Only the knowledge of its existence. Never again to experience. The struggle has begun.   Traces of innocence. A yearning for nothingness. Interrupted by a cacophony of prejudice. And reason, judgment, opinion. A lost battle. Only the yearning remains. The shackles take form.   Trapped in a mirage. A superficial presence. Chasing other’s dreams. Blinded by selfish ambitions.

Priyanka’s Missing Tooth

Ting tong. “Piyu, please get the door,” shouted Mummy. Little Priyanka jumped off the couch. She somehow balanced the tub of strawberry ice-cream and ran to the door. “Hi Suchi Mausi,” she mumbled, pushing a large dollop into her mouth. “Piyu, why are you eating ice-cream in this cold weather?” Priyanka opened her mouth and giggled. There was a glaring black hole, smack in the middle of the top row of her teeth. “Oh, you

Your shadow holds a secret

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 11, 2014 Your shadow holds a secret Crossword Book Awards finalist to debut young adult fantasy novel MUMBAI, India – What if your shadow wasn’t the docile grey shape you thought it to be? What if it held a vicious plague just waiting to be released? And what if the fate of the entire world rested in the hands of four children? Sceadu by Crossword Book Awards finalist Prashant Pinge intricately

Santa’s Last Stand

The fat man scrunched his grizzly white beard. “If I may speak…” he started. The Honourable Judge Barbara Bluth sternly interjected. “No, you may not.” “…but I only have tonight to deliver…” “Another peep and you’re heading to the slammer. It’s bad enough I have to be here on Christmas Eve.” “…but you don’t have jurisdiction…” “You were subpoenaed in New York, Mr. Klaus, not the North Pole.” An instant murmur travelled around the gallery.