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Monica's Third Tooth

A shudder had run through Tooth Fairy Land. News had just reached that little Monica had lost her third tooth. And no one wanted to go and fetch it. Well, almost no one.

‘What a bunch of pansies!’ smirked Pippin, the boastful Tooth Fairy. ‘Afraid of a little girl. I’ll go and get it. My sure shot formula never fails.’

‘But she’s a monster,’ gasped Tipkin, dropping his clove cookie. ‘Gherkin was sent for her first tooth. He still wakes up at night screaming.’

‘And who can forget Mitkin’s case?’ gulped Boppin, almost choking on his peppermint pastry. ‘He went the second time. The poor fellow’s teeth haven’t stopped chattering since.’

‘Ho hum,’ yawned Pippin, getting up. ‘You guys wait right here. I’ll be back in a jiffy.’ And he set off to the Land of Humans.


Pippin, the boastful tooth fairy, meets his match in Monica, who has just lost her third tooth.

This short story appears in the anthology, ‘The Puffin Book of Funny Stories for 7-Year-Olds’.


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    • Publisher - Penguin Random House India
    • Year - 2012
    • ISBN/ASIN - 978-0143332275
    • Pages - 136