Sid & Po - Prashant Pinge

Sid & Po

Sid is a lonely eight-year-old boy who lives with his busy father and devout grandmother, who is always in the puja room. One day, he decides to get a Labrador pup but ends up with a chameleon named Po (short for Pokiman), instead. But Po is no ordinary chameleon mind you, for not only can he talk (and finds English really easy compared to pigeon language), but science is his favourite subject. Despite this, Sid’s heart is still set on getting a cute little puppy with floppy ears and a tail that wags like the wind. But all that changes when Po saves him from the neighbourhood bully, Ranbir aka Rambo. Soon, Sid and Po becomes best friends and plunge into a series of funny adventures.

Prashant Pinge’s stories are lighthearted and engaging and bring together two unlikely characters – a shy boy and an over-smart chameleon – joined together by that sweet and wonderful bond, friendship.

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‘Sid & Po’ by Prashant Pinge is the story of an eight-year-old boy named Sid and his chameleon pet named Po (short for Pokimon). Both Sid and Po experience several funny adventures together.

Beena Menon,, 10 October 2014
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Sid Meets Po

“Where is that Jane?” muttered Sid, staring at the bright yellow dial on his wrist.

Jane was eight year old Sid’s nanny. And usually, she reached his house at sharp ten every morning. It wasn’t as if Sid liked her very much. After all, she spent most of her time talking on her mobile phone. And frankly, he preferred it that way too. But today was different.

Sid’s eyes wandered across the road and fell upon the field in front of his house. He bit his lip and blinked back the tears. The boys from the neighbourhood were playing cricket. And as usual, they hadn’t called him. But today was the day that he had decided to take matters into his own hands.

Sid clicked his tongue impatiently. Just then, he spotted a bright red hat with white flowers bobbing along the compound wall. A wide grin lit up Sid’s face. If there was one thing that Jane loved more than her mobile phone, it was her collection of hats. He grabbed the ten crisp five hundred rupee notes from under the pencil holder and dashed downstairs and out of the building compound.

“Come on, let’s go,” panted Sid, tugging at his nanny’s hand. “We’re already late.”

Jane clutched at her hat before it could topple over. “Just a minute, Samantha,” she said into the mobile and glared at Sid. “Where are you dragging me?”

Sid couldn’t believe his ears. “To Chawla’s Pet Store, of course,” he cried. “I told you yesterday before you left.”

“Have you asked dadi?”

“Of course, I did.”

“Do you know the way?”

Sid made a face and nodded.

“Then we can go.” The next moment, the mobile was back on her ear, and she was pouring her heart out to Samantha about how Peter, her boyfriend, had forgotten their one month anniversary.

They were soon on their way.


Sid had decided to get a puppy, a cute cream-coloured Labrador one. The idea of a pet had actually come from his cousin who had recently got a gold fish. But all it did was swim around the bowl and blow bubbles. How very boring!

A few minutes later, they were standing outside Chawla’s Pet Store. It was a longish brightly lit shop, tucked away in a corner of the street, which mainly stocked pet supplies. But there were a few tanks on one side and some cages at the back as well. Mr. Chawla, a reed-like man with a dome-shaped head and stringy hair, sat behind the counter, drinking a cup of chai and reading the newspaper.

“I’m going to wait here,” whispered Jane. “It’s going to be very noisy inside.”

Sid took a deep breath and pushed open the door. He was immediately greeted by meows and barks and squawks. But it felt like he had wandered into a magical place.

Mr. Chawla never had customers this early in the morning. He spluttered over his chai and somehow managed to keep his cup down without spilling much. “Good morning, good morning,” he grinned toothily. “How can I help you today? Perhaps we want a new cat? We have got some very pretty kitties just yesterday.”

Ever since Sid had been scratched by a cat while trying to feed it, he had sworn to stay at least ten feet away from them. And although this had happened almost three months ago, he couldn’t help but shudder. He quickly put his head down and made his way to the back.

Mr. Chawla muttered something about no one wanting cats and slid back behind the counter.

Sid pushed his face against the Labrador cage and glanced around. There was one sleeping in a corner. There were two jumping over each other and having a good time. But the last one came bounding over and put his tiny paws through the cage. Sid had made his choice.