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Tumburu's Vacation

Tumburu was delighted. His holiday pass had just arrived. After 453 years of pushing paper in Svarga Loka’s Akashik Records department, the Gandharva’s vacation request had finally been granted.

“You must visit Mahar Loka,” Cittasena said, closing the ledger. “It’s beautiful this time of the year.”

Panada looked over from his cubicle. “That’s where you go to meditate with the Rishis,” he smirked. “But if you want to have fun, Bhuvar Loka should be your destination. They’ve recently got a new theme park with a killer Surya Samrat ride.”

“I’m thinking of Prithvi Loka,” Tumburu declared.

“Pri…Prithvi Loka?” Panada gulped, glancing around to see whether anybody else had heard. He continued in hushed tones. “You’re not serious, are you? It’s a barbaric place, I’m told.”

“After spending centuries behind this desk, I’m looking for some real adventure.”


Tumburu, a Gandharva from Svarga Loka, decides to vacation on Prithvi Loka.

This short story appears in the anthology, ‘The Puffin Book Of Holiday Stories’.


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    • Publisher - Penguin Random House India
    • Year - 2019
    • ISBN/ASIN - 978-0143447481
    • Pages - 256