We’re just days away from Peek A Book’s 3rd edition in Mumbai! Peek A Book has been creating curated and stand-alone festivals and immersive literary experiences for children from 3 years to 14 years. It is a one-day festival that celebrates the latest books, stories and great literature for children. The festival is built around children stories and books featuring some of the country’s best-selling children’s authors, finest professional book illustrators and designers, performance story-tellers, theatre artists, creative competitions and performances. It is an event that takes children into imaginary worlds to immerse them in the delights of language and art that allows children to broaden their experiences and spend quality time with family.

Join me at Peek A Book Mumbai 2018 for an interactive session where I take you on a magical journey through Mithaspur!

Here are the details of my session at Peek A Book Mumbai 2018.

What’s going on in Mithaspur?

Dec 8, 2018 (Saturday) from 14.40 to 15.30

8 – 10 years

Author Prashant Pinge introduces you to Raja Balushahi and Rani Rasmalai and a host of friendly sweets. You even get to make your very own ones!

About Prashant Pinge

Prashant Pinge utterly disregards reality and prefers residing in 16th century England next to the Bard’s house, where he spends his days in the company of his characters and nights taming wild dragons.

Peek A Book Mumbai 2018 will be held at The Royal Opera House, Mama Padmanand Marg, Mumbai 400004

Visit https://www.facebook.com/Peekabooklitfest/ to learn more about the event.