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I grew up in the picturesque neighbourhood of Shivaji Park in Mumbai, India before going off to Purdue University where I majored in electrical engineering. Subsequently, I was part of the founding batch at the Indian School of Business where I pursued a post graduate program in management.

After a short stint as an engineer at Rockwell Collins in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I realized that my interests were varied. I returned home and have been involved in several endeavours since, from brand consulting and corporate video production to entertainment and MBA admissions consulting most recently. 

My foray into the world of writing happened in 2003 after a dream compelled me to stumble out of bed and put pen to paper. Since then, I have primarily written children's books but also ventured into the romantic comedy genre a few years ago. I aspire to author a piece of historical fiction some day.

I enjoy reading fiction, watching content, especially anime, listening to music, and indulging in numismatics. I wrote and produced a short film a few years ago (Freedom of Expression) and hope to get back at some point. I'm also keenly interested in psychology, mythology and ancient history.

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