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Ria Rabbit

Ria Rabbit is a preschool series co-created by Prashant Pinge, Yuvraj Magar, and Sandeep Pinge.


Ria is a cute, lovable little rabbit who lives in beautiful Pashu Nagri, India, with her younger brothers, Romi Rabbit and Baby Rabbit, and parents, Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit. She loves having fun with her family and friends.

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Titles - 18

Platforms - 11


Episodes - 36

Languages - 14

Platforms - 24

Countries - 160+


Episodes - 44

Platforms - 21


Fun Facts

Ria Rabbit books have been read more than 12 thousand times globally.

Ria Rabbit videos have crossed 15 million views globally.

Ria Rabbit audio stories have been played over 50 thousand times globally.

Picture eBooks

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