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Avantika's Garden

Avantika’s Garden is a simple, delightful tale for children about the adventures of a sprightly menagerie of animals that live in and around a house in suburban Pune. The cast includes Sheru the dog, Shanti the peacemaker cat, Krishnamachari Yellaguri Iyengar a.k.a. Krrish the loquacious lizard, Titli the Miss Poona Butterfly aspirant. Gun Gun the queen bee, Birbal the brainy spider, and Eddie the Anglophile squirrel. Like children anywhere, they too have their fights and flights of fancy, dare to dream and try to make sense of their worlds.

Engagingly written and brimming with wit and subtle spoof, Avantika’s Garden marks the arrival of an exciting new voice in children’s writing.




Publisher - Leadstart Publishing
Year - 2009
Pages - 96
ISBN - 978-9380154077


A squirrel that snores, a lizard who loves to watch soap operas, a waspish queen bee and a spider who gets his eight legs tangled are among the residents of Avantika’s garden. While Avantika and her family are away on vacation, furry and feathered creatures have a free run of the garden. Children will enjoy reading this collection of short stories about the animals, their daily squabbles and life’s little pleasures.
~ Bijal Vachharajani, TimeOut, 05 Feb 2010

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