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Kapi Wants To FLy

'Can monkeys fly?'


Kapi, a tiny monkey who lives in the tree covers around a Mahabaleshwar resort, decides to hitch a ride to Panchgani to answer this question. By a twist of fate, he is joined by Vajra, his brawny nemesis, and Tara, a headstrong monkey who has recently shifted from Panchgani but is unhappy with her new home.


However, what starts off as a simple adventure soon takes a perilous turn as the monkeys have to face one challenge after another—fending off a gang of feral dogs, fighting a dangerous python and much more.


Will Kapi experience the thrill of flying? Or will the monkeys be devoured by the dangers that lie ahead?




Publisher - Readomania
Year - 2024
Pages - 132
ISBN - 978-9391800727
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