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The Mystery Of The Missing Archaeologist

The newly formed Panchgani Detective Club comprising siblings Rhea and Rishi Agarwal and the Srivastava twins Anoushka and Ishaan decide to investigate the recent kidnapping of an archaeologist. They struggle to find clues until a pen drive mysteriously turns up at their school campus. The prime accused also happens to be the very same person who had earlier given evidence against the twin’s father, a former archaeologist. Things are further complicated by a couple of school bullies, a strict vice principal, and a campus break-in. And just as they’re on the verge of a breakthrough, things start going horribly wrong. The children must now use all their deductive powers to solve the case!




Publisher - Booksthakam
Year - 2022
Pages - 181
ISBN - 978-9394378056


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